Measuring for Happiness

Everyone I know talks in terms of milestones hit and goals achieved; actually, since most of the people I know are other bankers and money mongrels, the language devolves to forward looking statements and earnings expectations. Which are always and inextricably linked to tales of untold riches and, by convoluted extension, happiness. And that’s always […]

That Guy

‘That Guy’, I’d hate to be ‘That Guy’. Y’know, the guy who talks about how things were harder ‘In his day’. The guy who embraces the new while constantly yearning for the old. The guy who looks at everything through the sepia toned glasses of nostalgia. As an interesting aside; thanks to Instagram and new-age […]

Objectivity and Dope Startup Advice

I think that if you belong to a particular group, it’s perfectly OK to criticize that group since it is criticism from within. And with that cheery disclaimer, I’d like to proclaim that one of the leading killers of startup dreams in India is the Indian Family System. Note, if you belong to a traditionally […]

First Flight

“No.” “But it’s really good and…” “No.” “May I just have a few minutes to…” “No.” “I’ve been working on his idea.” “No.” You’d think that the strugglers in Oshiwara hear the word ‘no’ a lot, and perhaps you snigger a little when you think of how much rejection they go through on a daily […]

The Curious Case Of Niceness

Competing with Fortune Anything companies is a bit of a dogfight. You’re outmatched financially, operationally and, typically, strategically as well. It’s a numbers game and they have,well, more. Except when those numbers don’t count. I recently read about how it’s the scrappy startups that make all the difference, and I am, in part, inclined to agree. I […]

Good To Great

Each of us is unique. All of us have the starring role in our own life, so all of us are heroes, at least for a while. All of us are good at something. Does this mean that all of us are GREAT at that thing? Perhaps not. My mum’s mum was not very wealthy. […]

Something to show

Founder. Entrepreneur. Intrinsically sexy words. Terribly so. Even when the only thing some entrepreneurs have ‘founded’ is a WordPress site. Yes, yes, I see the irony too. While I have nothing but the utmost admiration for those who tilt at windmills, I have a a far deeper respect for those who show up for battle every […]

The Early Bird

The best part about becoming an entrepreneur is risk. You give up a (hopefully) well paying job, to do something that you believe will pay off in the long run, and usually, you don’t really have all that much money, but you try anyway… And pray that the runway is longer than the tarmac edge […]